Chariot Construction Ltd

About Chariot Construction Ltd

Chariot Construction's owner and Managing Director Pat Keaveney has worked in the business of electricity transmission for over 40 years with first-hand experience of high-profile projects including work for the UK Ministry of Defence, and a private contract to help supervise the rebuilding of post-war Iraq's electricity infrastructure. Over this time he has built excellent relationships with many of the industry's main players.


Chariot Construction have grown to achieve impressive sales in 2013. As we go from strength to strength, we hope to build Chariot Construction to become the leading choice of Distribution Network Operators for high-quality provision of labour on small and specialist contracts.


With the highest focus on safety, we always deliver a service which recognises our clients' SHEQ standards and responsibilities and consistently aim to exceed what is expected of us. Although we have a zero-accident record since incorporation, we are never complacent and strive to keep ourselves abreast of government legislation, industry best practice and the very latest in technological developments.